3D Renderings of a Planter Box

3D Renderings of a Planter Box

I’ve tested out rendering a planter box with Blender. The box was modelled myself. As you can see in the rendered images below, I tried different lighting and different environments to get a desired look. This is subjective, and can take some time.

When I rendered the last ones, the first three, I preferred them to the earlier ones with either the wood or black floor as it looked more natural. Which one do you like? Let me know in the comments below.


Lower Row Middle Picture does it for me – as it provides a clear cut picture of the box with a darker background. The next one would be top row right – which shows the box beautifully but I feel the natural ground underneath takes away a bit of focus on the main subject

Thanks Jost, yes, I agree with you on the background. I tried to make it better, but its hard to do so without detracting from the model. I guess I’ve learned the value of simplicity.

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