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Stuff I Haven’t Tried Yet

I’ll admit, I can get too focused within the scope of certain problems and not think about more interesting ideas. In this post, I’ll summarize some problems I haven’t solved yet, but are likely feasible, and if so, I’ll explain how they could be solved.

New problems or ideas on this page may get added in the future, but I won’t delete or alter anything without a good reason.

I appreciate good constructive feedback, so please leave a comment below if you feel inclined.

3D Boolean Operation on Model in Blender with Topology Preservation

In Blender, cutting holes in an object and preserving the flow of the edges is challenging, and as I’ve found with modelling a soda can, you have to bridge the edges whilst keeping the spacing between them fairly even so that you can apply smooth shading and the subdivision modifier without introducing artifacts.

It would be nice to be able to cut a hole in an object, and preserve the topology. For now, the manual approach applies.

I can envisage some Python script that would provide this functionality.

Lyric sound extraction from music

This idea was inspired from an old website created by a radio station, which let you turn words into a stream of lyric sounds and play it back. The sounds came from many different songs.

This is a classic machine learning problem of classification. I could use Python, and a machine learning library. Lots of learning required, and I’d need access to music.

A Distributed JVM Running Across Different Devices

I like to call it “heterogenous computing”, because of the different hardware. It would be cool to distribute computing workload with a worker process on my phone, tablet and desktop computer.

Unfortunately, successful distributed computing projects have specific tasks to perform, such as the problems which BOINC solves, or doing distributed storage, and maybe doing this on a more tightly coupled network, or cluster of computers.

Regardless, it’s likely that someone has succeeded, at least, at running the JVM on a cluster with RPC calls between hosts to coordinate their activities.

Detailed Temperature Map of my Town

I’d love to set up a network of sensors and then have them push temperature readings to a database along with their latitude and longitude. Then I could present the data as a colored overlay for a map.

I’d need to figure out how to build each node, and method of communication to use, possibly long range radio. The equipment may be too expensive for now.

Move Message for Slack

I’m tired of cutting and pasting messages from one channel to another, I wish it was possible to click the dotted menu and move the message to another channel.






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