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Casual young man flying and reaching for something

I’ll admit, I can get too focused within the scope of certain problems and not think about more interesting ideas. In this post, I’ll summarize some problems I haven’t solved yet, but are likely feasible, and if so, I’ll explain how they could be solved. New problems or ideas on this page may get added in the future, but I won’t delete or alter anything without a good reason. I appreciate good constructive feedback, so please leave a comment below if you feel inclined. 3D Boolean Operation on Model in Blender with Topology Preservation In Blender, cutting holes in an object and preserving the flow of the edges is challenging, and as I’ve found with modelling a soda can, you have to bridge the edges whilst keeping the spacing between them fairly even so that you can apply smooth shading and the subdivision modifier without introducing artifacts. It would be…

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