Monthly Archives: July 2021

A few years ago, I began to develop applications across multiple platforms written in C++. I wrote mostly on Windows, and discovering open-source projects led me to discover the Qt framework. I’ve spent more time than I would care to admit on understanding Qt, it’s IDE, and the runtime libraries which function together in many layers. Phew. I feel it necessary to mention that a module in Qt is a nebulous term: it can mean files, headers, C++ classes and associated shared libraries. The files can be, QML files, or build system files. I’m now moving away from the Qt framework, but still aiming to make software run across multiple platforms. I still write C++ code, and exploit the ubiquity of OpenGL. Because OpenGL is fairly portable, I’ve decided to take a hybrid approach by mixing C++ with another language, native to the target platform, such as Java on Android,…

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